Our mission is to assist our clients in attaining their goals through providing exemplary levels of Professional Services that encompass our Core Values of Integrity, Respect, Ownership, Passion, and Teamwork. From day one of our client engagements we employ Professionalism, Knowledge, and Responsiveness to provide tailored Solutions in seeking best outcomes for Accounting and Tax challenges.



Our client interactions are governed by honor, ethics, and respect for each client. The goal is to achieve a level of trust that results in the comfort of knowing that we will provide the best solutions possible.


In all of our engagements we strive to show ourselves to be good listeners and treat each client as we would want to be treated.


We will be proactive, dependable, and responsible in all aspects of client services including building and maintaining relationships.


We realize that true success comes from the interdependence of individuals working together as a team. We value listening and understanding as necessary building blocks for positive outcomes.


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1What is an enrolled agent?

Enrolled agents (EAs) are America’s Tax Experts. EAs are the only federally licensed tax practitioners who specialize in taxation and also have unlimited rights to represent taxpayers before the IRS.

1What does the term “enrolled agent” mean?

“Enrolled” means to be licensed to practice by the federal government, and “Agent” means authorized to appear in the place of the taxpayer at the IRS. Only enrolled agents, attorneys, and CPAs have unlimited rights to represent taxpayers before the IRS.

After graduating from Widener University in 1976, Jack pursued a full time career in the insurance industry starting as a Staff Accountant and advancing to Treasurer of the company in 1988. During the same period, he also worked as a seasonal tax preparer with H&R Block.

After leaving the insurance company, Jack managed a small light industrial company for three years in West Chester.

Due to his insurance expertise, Jack once again entered the insurance industry working as an Independent Consultant with the Pennsylvania Insurance Department. He also continued to prepare tax returns during the tax season. After successfully completing the project with the Pennsylvania Insurance Department and knowing that tax preparation was his passion, Jack joined a CPA firm, Noll & Company, in 2000, whereby, both his accounting and tax expertise could be utilized. Jack was responsible for managing the accounting and taxes of several small businesses while coordinating the tax policies and procedures among the staff during tax season.

In 2006 the CPA firm sold the accounting and tax return part of their business to another outside individual who hired Jack and one of Jack’s coworkers to continue to service the same customer base in the new company called Franklin’s Ledger.

In 2007 the owner sold the business to Jack and his coworker to form a new company called JBND Tax Books, Inc., servicing the same clientele. Jack and his new partner enjoyed several years of business success

In 2014, Jack & his partner decided to each create their own companies to grow their respective new businesses utilizing their own unique visions. This was the beginning of JB Tax & Accounting Solutions, Inc. Jack has continued to prepare and file tax returns for many of the same clients since 1977 throughout all of the company changes.

To further enhance his credentials and assist with handling tax notices for clients, Jack became an Enrolled Agent positioning him to better resolve tax issues for his clients.

Jack’s 38 years of experience make him well qualified to provide the very best of service in tax planning, tax preparation and tax notice resolution. Continuing annual education requirements for his EA license ensure that clients receive up to date information.

Tel: 610-725-1041
Fax: 610-296-8666
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As the Vice President for JB Tax & Accounting Solutions, Inc. Don fulfills many functions including operations management, business development, sales, marketing, and a supporting role as a staff accountant. His most important role, however, is to support the firm’s mission to provide tax planning, tax and accounting solutions, and tax education for all clients.

He specializes in providing business accounting and financial reporting solutions to new and existing businesses. His background uniquely qualifies him to offer business consulting, business planning, and start up guidance for small to medium size businesses. Business clients benefit from his assistance with interpreting their financial statements and business trends. This insight enables the clients to make any timely changes necessary to grow their businesses and improve profitability.

Don’s accounting background began in 2011 under the guidance of Jack Blanton. His exposure to accounting and finance, however, spans 35 plus years of experience, encompassing owning his own business for 12 years and holding officer positions in three fortune 500 companies. Don’s corporate training in all major functions of business as well as the experiences of many years as an entrepreneur provide the skillset that allows him to impart valuable knowledge and strategic direction to small businesses and individuals.